• Admissions will be on the basis of test for all classes except Nursery.
  • The child should be 3+ for Nursery class.
  • Kindly submit school fees by 15TH of every month.
  • No student will be promoted in mid session.
  • Kindly send a signed leave application in case of leave.
  • Kindly send pupil in proper school uniform.
  • For primary wing school will close on every third Saturday.
  • Parents are requested to attend P.T.M. after end of the every terminal exam.
  • Parents are not expected to meet the teacher during the school hours. In special case with the permission of principal.
  • No student will be sent with other relatives except Father/Mother.
  • No student will be allowed to leave the campus without permission of the principal.
  • School diary should be brought daily.
  • Student must have 75% attendance in academic session.