Hitkarini Sabha, a trust worthy academic institute of Jabalpur has been working for the upliftment of the students and citizens since 1868 AD. It is a nonprofit academic organization of Jabalpur. All the schools/colleges run by Hitkarini Sabha work towards the overall development of a child. At Hitkarini institutions, it is made sure that no student is deprived of education or a prospect because of his/her poor background, which is why poor yet deserving candidates are helped in form of scholarship from time to time. The various schools and colleges too, take note to help any student with necessary books and ideal learning environment. Over the years, even the well known personalities of the city have been granting scholarships/ making donations to various schools/colleges of Hitkarini so as to give the worthy students an opportunity to gain knowledge and fulfill their dreams. There are many honorary individuals/citizens, groups or trusts which have been providing financial assistance in way of scholarships to the meritorious students and students coming from poor sections of society.

The sole purpose of seeking your help for donations is to ensure that every student gets a chance to work hard, study and be a responsible citizen of the Nation. There are many stories of students who came from poor backgrounds but with right guidance and knowledge, they have now become contributors of society, in form of lawyers, engineers, teachers, nurses, doctors, social workers, etc.

We look forward with gratitude to your donations, in whichever form you would like to donate to help a student/school. You can donate Books, Furniture, Teaching resources, or scholarships (financial aid) to the students. The list of present individual/ trusts providing donations to various Hitkarini Schools/Colleges is as follows: