Establishment Year: 1981-82

Brief History –

Hitkarini Sabha took necessary steps to fulfil its goal of educational development in the rural areas outside the city. With the continuous efforts of the then Chairman of Hitkarini Sabha Shri Prabhu Lal Karecha and Secretary Shri Chandra Mohan Das, in July 1981 a Higher Secondary School was established in the Sahajpur village in Patan Tehsil (Presently Shahpura Tehsil). All the former Principals have been a major source of guidance and support in the progress of the school. Among them, Shri N. D. Agarwal, Shri S. P. Pandey, Shri Balram Prasad Shukla, Shri K. N. Vshwakarma, Shri K. L. Soni, Shri Gopal Krishna Pandey, Shri A. Bharat, Shri Sanjay Kumar Pandey, Shri Ram Lakhan Shukla and Shri R. K. Kushwaha are the chief contributors.

Keeping with the present needs of the society, current Principal Shri Rajeev Shrivastava, has initiated new Hitkarini Children Academy (English Medium) in the session 2019-20. For Higher Secondary section there are two subject departments, namely, Arts and Commerce. A new stream of Agriculture has been added to aid the students of the rural belt to be more aware of modern agriculture techniques and development.